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Albert Collins
Cold, Cold Feeling
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Albert Collins
Ego trip
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Albert Collins
Too Many Dirty Dishes
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Albert Collins & Johnny Copeland & Robert Cray
Black Cat Bone
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Albert Collins 02 When the Welfare Turns Its Back on You
Albert Collins 02 When the Welfare Turns Its Back on You
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  1. Alive And Cool
  2. Cold Snap
  3. Collins Mix
  4. Collins Mix (The Best Of)
  5. Collins Mix: The Best Of
  6. Deep Freeze
  7. Deluxe Edition
  8. Don't Lose Your Cool
  9. Frostbite
  10. Frozen Alive!
  11. Ice Pickin'
  12. Iceman
  13. Live
  14. Live '92 / '93
  15. Live '92/'93
  16. Live At Montreux 1992
  17. Live at the Fillmore West
  18. Live In Japan
  19. Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In A Guitar) Trash Talkin'
  20. Love Can Be Found Anywhere/Trash Talkin'
  21. Molten Ice
  22. Showdown
  23. Thaw Out at the Fillmore
  24. The Complete Imperial Recordings (disc 1)
  25. The Complete Imperial Recordings (disc 2)
  26. The Hot Cool Sound Of Albert Collins
  27. The Iceman at Mount Fuji
  28. Trash Talkin`
  29. Truckin
  30. Truckin' With Albert Collins

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