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Z.Z. Hill
Second Chance (Jack Frost Edit)
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Z.Z. Hill
I Keep On Lovin You (Jack Frost Edit)
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  1. A Man Needs a Woman
  2. Down Home
  3. Greatest Hits
  4. Let's Make a Deal/The Mark of Z.Z. Hill
  5. Northern Soul Legend
  6. The Brand New Z.Z. Hill
  7. The Choking Kind
  8. The Complete Hill Records Collection / United Artists Recordings, 1972-75
  9. The Complete Hill/UA Recordings
  10. The Down Home Soul of Z.Z. Hill
  11. The Rhythm and The Blues
  12. This Time They Told The Truth: The Columbia Years
  13. Turn Back the Hands of Time
  14. Z. Z. Hill Greatest Hits
  15. Z.Z. Hill's Ha Ha (Laughing Song)

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